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Microlearning is here to stay

Gone are the days of uninspired and unvaried five-day training seminars led by instructors silhouetted against the bright backdrops of their PowerPoint presentations....

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A Tour through Logistics: a mobile app to promote the logistics industry

Launched at the end of 2018, “A Tour through Logistics” (“Rondje Logistiek” in Dutch) is a mobile app, aimed at....

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From the desk of the CEO - February edition

Are you a solution looking for a problem? Many startups face that question and until some time ago so did we as a company.

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ADR Gloop Factory

21CC is developing a general awareness course on Dangerous Goods, especially for the ASEAN market....

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There’s an odd moment in the life of a company when you realize what your purpose as a company is.

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Should Women? The Fortunate Generation

should women enter the world of logistics and supply chain management. My answer was a whole – hearted yes. “Of course they should and you should”

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The revolutionary 21CC Education Way

There’s so much changing in the world of transportation and logistics and so rapidly. We’ve gone from being the silent army to being recognized as a ‘sunrise industry’ in many developing countries.

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When is ever a good time to train?

...“there is never a right or perfect time to train your team, and it’s certainly not somewhere in the future”.

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