An app for empowering informal workforce

L N Revathy

While jobs are aplenty, the challenge is in finding one, say job aspirants.The government is indeed giving a push to the skill development agenda, but industry sources aver that the existing vocational training system does not target the casual or informal workforce, which constitutes to over 90 per cent of India’s working population.

“We are going through unprecedented changes at present due to the pandemic; the existing workforce will need to reskill themselves to be relevant in the new normal that is unfolding across the country and the world over,” says Sanjay Tiwari, co-founder, 21CC Education.

Stating that the company realised almost 18 months ago that mobile learning would be the future rather than e-learning, Tiwari said: “We took to development of a mobile app to up-skill and reskill people. This was a challenge, for unlike e-learning, the content had to be much shorter on a mobile, besides being interactive and compelling. Our target segment is the casual and informal workforce, surviving on a hand-to-mouth package. We need to help such people earn better, stay employed and lead a better life.”

The 21CC App available on PlayStore/ AppStore has a menu option at the back, for translating the contents into Tamil, Marati, Hindi and Kannada.

Claiming it to be the first-of-its-kind application, aimed at significantly bridging the recruitment-skilling gap, he said the company mapped opportunities by creating enhanced learning and skilling experience, built modules in online and mobile format, validated the content inaccessible and fun manner with illustrations, humour and gamification while ensuring the talent pool is rightly skilled to serve the evolving needs of businesses in industries such as logistics, supply-chain, healthcare hospitality and e-commerce.