A Tour Through Logistics: A Mobile App to Promote the Logistics Industry

Marloeke Werst

The logistics sector in the Netherlands is facing a serious employee shortage problem. Logistics isn’t sexy enough: it is “unknown, unkissed,” as the saying goes. Together with a Dutch industrial estate (Port of Moerdijk), Topsector Logistiek (Dutch government entity to stimulate innovation) and KennisDC Logistiek (representing six universities), 21CC has created an interactive gamified app to promote jobs in logistics to students aged 14-17 years and to invite them to enter the next level education in logistics.The app aims to be both playful and serious. A Fantasy Map of the industrial estate is the main user interface, from which you can choose what part of the industry to explore.For Port of Moerdijk we explore jobs in Warehousing, Distribution and Ports. Each building comprises games, learning modules, photo uploading and/or short movies.

It covers topics ranging from simple picker-and-packer jobs to dealing with dangerous goods. The app uses such gaming concepts as memory games, flashcards and animated quizzes to ‘edutain’ the students.Having completed our first part of ‘the Tour’ for schools, Port of Moerdijk is now introducing the app to the companies on their industrial estate to serve as a quick on-boarding tool for their new recruits and as a refresher for their (flex) workers. The intuitive UI and the gamified structure are well-suited to other sectors too: 21CC is exploring the idea to use this concept in Kenya for farmers in co-operation with Agri-wallet, and in India to promote family planning.