21CC Education Partners with Mint Hotels

Sanjay Tiwari

In a discussion with a prospective account for 21CC some weeks ago, a hot Indian logistics company, the HR team said that they were fully aware of the need to train the frontline employees of their very rapidly growing company. It’s just that ‘there was so much going on in the company, things were busy’. I said to them what I have said to many customers before and probably will continue to for yeas to come: “there is never a right or perfect time to train your team, and it’s certainly not somewhere in the future”.As it is, the logistics industry is never calm or quiet, no two days are ever the same.The ability to cope with unpredicted demand, equipment failures, weather and security issues is what makes the transportation and logistics sector the amazing industry that it is.

It’s also what attracts people to want to work in this industry. Waiting for a calm day when all battles have been won, the sea, the air and the roads brought under control and all cargo dispatched on time is like waiting for an outbreak of world peace.Here’s a thought. Could it be that some of these ‘daily mini crises’ are self inflicted by the industry? That the absence of properly trained people in a high pressure environment makes some problems worse, exacerbates them?