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With the rise of e-commerce and domestic consumption, the logistics industry has experienced massive growth in the last five years. To cater to this growth and the huge potential logistics holds for the future, 21CC Education creates specialised training courses to cater to every aspect of the logistics industry. Be it content on modes of transportation (air, ocean and road) or types of cargo or handling dangerous goods, 21CC will guide you with the right learning path to master your skills in logistics.

Storage and Warehousing

  • Bullet Icon Considered as a key component of logistics, storage and warehousing enables companies to ensure the right product is available at the right time. In view of this key idea in warehousing, 21CC’s training modules on storage and warehousing are aimed at enabling warehouse personnel to carry out warehouse operations with ease and providing them with the knowledge they need to rectify issues that may arise while doing their daily tasks. .

Air Freight

  • Bullet Icon Although it is the fastest mode of transport for long-distance freight transport, air freight is also the most expensive and handling goods for air transport involves extensive training and process knowledge. Keeping this in mind, 21CC’s air freight training modules aim to provide workers with the knowledge and skills needed to conduct air freight processes in an efficient manner.

Ocean Freight

  • Bullet Icon Handling goods for transportation through the sea can get complicated due to the costs involved. To ensure these costs stay nominal, standard procedures need to be followed by personnel involved in handling such goods. 21CC’s ocean freight training modules are specially designed to achieve this goal. Through our training modules, workers handling freight containers get a clear view of the tasks they need to perform while keeping equipment and personal safety in mind.