Our mission

Gone are the days of uninspired and unvaried five-day training seminars and endless PowerPoint presentations. Our dedicated team creates products that make learning fast, fun, gamified, and to the point. Learn anywhere, anytime!

Industries we are active in


The dynamic and sometimes unpredictable nature of the logistics industry is truly addictive.

21CC produces content for all modes of transport (air, ocean and road) and all kinds of cargo.


In what is probably the most demanding industry from a customer service point of view, training and keeping right people in the hospitality industry is key.

21CC has developed an extensive program to train new and existing employees for all the hotels in the MINT Hospitality franchise.

Exciting customer projects

WFS (Air Cargo)
WFS (Air Cargo)

21CC created more than twenty modules focusing on various aspects of air cargo for WFS, the world’s largest cargo and airline handling company.

More than 15,000 employees across North America use 21CC modules several times a year.

Schenker (Warehousing)
Schenker (Warehousing)

DB Schenker in India launched a comprehensive program to up-skill their brightest operations managers across India.

Apart from participating in face to face leadership sessions 21CC developed four e-learning modules for subjects such as business acumen, technology, people management and soft skills.

Mint Hospitality
Mint Hospitality

Mint Hospitality is a fast expanding hotel management company in India. Mint takes over the full management of existing properties, introducing its management methods.

Part of this approach is the training of hotel staff in all aspects of room, bathroom and common area cleaning, as well as in developing client facing skills.

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