There are two things that really make us tick, individually and as a team. The first is that we get a kick out of making content accessible, understandable and fun, we like making sense of things. We have started gamifying some of our content, upping the fun quotient while making content easier to understand.
The second thing that makes us tick is improving employability and mobility. Using our content to help people get jobs and to get better and better at them, thus deriving more satisfaction from them. More than anyone in the organization, the frontline and lowest paid employee is the one who needs job satisfaction to sustain and drive them. Our content is used to train people in the air cargo, trucking, shipping and hotel businesses.

Our focus so far has been on the transportation and logistics industry. Everything we eat, drink, consume, wear or drive comes together via a logistical process and comes to us via a transportation process, unless you happen to live on an apple orchard of course. Transportation, logistics and supply chain management lie at the heart of making our economies tick and we have content for sub-sectors such as air transportation, ocean, port management, trucking, dangerous goods, cold storage, warehousing, you name it. We have a library of 65+ e-learning modules and counting.

We just secured our first assignment in the hospitality industry and are really excited by it. The brief is the same, create compelling content that helps frontline staff in a rapidly growing hotel chain understand their role in maintaining the hygiene and safety standards of the hotel.

The team has backgrounds in IT, transportation and logistics, FMCG, education and consulting. We approach each creative assignment from multiple angles, constantly asking ourselves one question: “what should the person really understand and know at the end of this course? What will make them tick?”


How we help?

  • 21CC helps companies develop and on board their employees faster, as a result of which these employees add more value to the company more quickly and are more committed, can develop individually and continue to work  longer at the company.
  • 21CC provides attractive online learning materials (laptop, tablet and mobile based) for the logistics and hospitality industries, where continuous practice-oriented learning is stimulated through scenarios, challenges, quizzes and games. The learning material is created in close collaboration with our logistics / hospitality partners and specific content experts.
  • The material that 21CC creates in collaboration with its partners (from the US, India and the Netherlands) is made available online in India, the US (and in the future also in African countries) to facilitate people gaining the knowledge they need to gain employment in the logistics and hospitality sectors
  • 21CC helps people make this move and employers to find the right people.

Meet Our Team


Sanjay Tiwari

David FD

David Clark


Marloeke Werst


Ludo Tieman


David van der Kooij


Mehernosh Dhondy


Sumer Shankardass


Paul Ras


Kriti Talwar