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Duration - 2 hr 15 min

Course Validity - 6 months

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Warehouse Management Course Bundle

Difficulty Intermediate

Language English

What you will learn

  • How has warehousing and the role of warehouse managers changed in recent years
  • What kind of trade-offs do warehouse managers need to make on a daily basis
  • What is lean warehousing and how can a culture continuous improvement be fostered
  • What are the core skills and competencies required of managers to run modern warehouses
  • How can both internal and external stakeholders be managed skilfully
  • How can IT tools such as warehouse management system and transportation management system help managers to streamline operations
  • Why are soft skills important and how can they help managers maintain a conflict-free, productive and collaborative environment

Skills you will gain



Customer Management






Conflict Resolution

Time Management



People Management

Stakeholder Management

SKU Management

Inventory Management

Transportation Management

Warehouse Management

About This Course

Warehouses occupy a key position in global supply chains, but the warehousing landscape has undergone tremendous changes in the past couple of decades with emerging market trends such as e-commerce and increasingly demanding customer expectations. Warehouses no longer function as mere storage facilities. As the role of warehouses has expanded, so has the role of warehouse managers. Managers today are under immense pressure to constantly increase productivity and efficiency and reduce costs. This curriculum is geared towards aspiring warehouse managers or people who already may be in managerial positions in logistics companies and who want to upskill. It is designed to help you become business leaders in the world of logistics by giving you insight into some real-life challenges faced by warehouse managers today. Using scenarios and examples, this comprehensive programme focusses on four areas to build you up as well-rounded business leaders in warehousing: business acumen, people management, information technology and soft skills.

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