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Warehouse team leader

Transport planner

Warehouse Team Superviser

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Difficulty Intermediate

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What you will learn

  • This module provides an introduction to logistics, its history, and the key players in the logistics chain
  • This module gives an overview of the main links in a supply chain
  • This module provides an overview of the various operations involved in warehousing
  • This module explains the core processes of receiving and inbound check.

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Customer Management




About This Course

Everything that we eat, consumer, wear or drive comes to us via a logistics operation. Someone produces the product or a farmer grows it but it still needs to get to us, either to a shop where we can pick it up ourselves or increasingly via an e-commerce operation where someone delivers the product to our doorstep. Logistics is the business of getting a product from its point of origin to us the consumer in the fastest and most cost efficient way. This 24/7, 365 day industry has kept going throughout the lockdown, getting products to us. It is attracting a huge amount of investment, both from the Government and from private equity players. It is and will be a great place to work for the next twenty to thirty years at least. The e-learning modules in this section open the learners eyes to the dynamic, diverse and fast-changing world of transportation and logistics.

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