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Duration - 1 hr 40 min

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Career Possibilities

Cold Storage Specialist

Food Supply Chain Expert

Chilled Transportation Specialist

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Difficulty Intermediate

Language English

What you will learn

  • What is Cold Chain Management?
  • What are its components and processes involved in Cold Chain Management?
  • Why is hygiene in cold chains important?
  • How does technology enhance our temperature control abilities?
  • What is cold chain infrastructure; and what is its current state in India?
  • Which cold chain packaging solution to choose based on your product?
  • What are the modes of transportation to choose from in cold chains?
  • How does Post-harvest Management affect cold chain efficiency?
  • What are the standards governing cold chain temperature ranges?
  • What are the key certifications you can obtain to specialize your career in cold chain management?
  • What are the trends to look out for in the Indian cold chain industry?

Skills you will gain

Process management in Cold Chain Management

Storage and Transportation

Post-harvest Management

Use of specialized equipment throughout the cold chain

About This Course

In spite of being one of the largest food producers in the world, India loses nearly 30% of its fresh produce due to wastage and decay. This primarily happens due to the lack of cold storage facilities for the product and poor process management, which combined result in a weak cold chain. Cold Chain Management is a division of supply chain management that deals with the storage and transportation of products that require a temperature-controlled environment to ensure they do not deteriorate.Featuring assessments at regular intervals, this series of bite-sized training modules will provide you with the basic knowledge of cold chain management and prepare you for the road ahead. The course takes the learner through each process that constitutes cold chain management and conclude ends with a module on Trends in Cold Chain Management to get a glimpse of the future of the Indian cold chain industry. Indias rapidly changing food habits means that cold chain management will be a fast growing and critical part of any supply chain solution. Complete this course and take your first steps in specializing your career in Cold Chain Management!

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