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From the desk of the CEO- March edition

Are you a solution looking for a problem? Many startups face that question and until some time ago so did we as a company. With our roots in the transportation and logistics industry, we were convinced that there were scores of airlines, shipping lines, trucking companies, warehousing companies and other logistics companies waiting to sign up for our services, if only they could see the light.

There were a few small problems, one of which was that not everyone in the logistics industry feels that poor quality is something that needs fixing, at least not immediately. And perhaps our solution, which calls for herding hundreds of employees into a classroom in batches of twenty to undergo collective classroom or laptop training sessions, wasn’t the best solution for fast-moving logistics companies that have 24-hour operations.

The past eighteen months have been a fascinating journey (always in hindsight!) in search of different customers but also different ways of presenting and distributing. Our customers now include NGOs, logistics associations in The Netherlands, a hospitality company in India and yes, some very large and discerning logistics companies.

We have gone from rows of multiple questions—what still passes as e-learning in many instances—to fully gamified representations of factories, farms, ports, and warehouses where every object is clickable, ready to tell its own story.

And so our product has gone from looking like this…

to this…

And our mission has gone from this…

to this..

Working in this environment, with our customers on solving their employee on-boarding challenges and their social change projects is exhilarating. We’re in for quite a ride!

Sanjay Tiwari, CEO